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导读 I like volley balls as well as basketballs. I play with many different people, such as my classmates or my friends. I usually play two hours after sch

英语作文50词 第1篇

I like volley balls as well as basketballs. I play with many different people, such as my classmates or my friends. I usually play two hours after school. But, at weekends, I play more. I have played like this for a long time. As a result, I become very strong. At the same time, I do very well with my studies because I am very healthy.。

英语作文50词 第2篇

Mingming came to my house today. We spent some time playing computer games. We played basketball game online. I chose NBA and Mingming had to take CBA. Of course, I won finally. We had a good time.

英语作文50词 第3篇

I have a family. There are three people in my family. They are my father, mother and me. My father is a teacher in the university. He likes doing sports. He swims every evening. He is tall and thin. He is sweeping the floor now. My mother is a teacher, too. She likes doing housework. She cooks everyday. She is not fat and not short. She is walking now.

I am a student. I like reading books in my bedroom. I take a bus at 7:30 . I am short and thin. I am writing now.

I love my family.

英语作文50词 第4篇

It was a long holiday. I went to Hong Kong with my parents on May 1st. We went by train. We got to Hong Kong in the afternoon. We had a rest. On the 2nd, we went to Disney’s Land. On the 3rd, we went to a restaurant. We ate good food. It was yummy. On the 4th, I did my homework and read a book. On the 5th, we went to a zoo. We saw many animals. On the 6th, we went shopping. I bought many clothes. They were nice. I bought some gifts for my friends, too. On the 7th, we got back to Dongguan by bus. In the afternoon, we relaxed and prepared to go back to work or school.

I was very excited on Labour Holiday. But I was tired, too.

英语作文50词 第5篇

August 12,20__ Friday

Today, I did housework for grandmother. She is not very healthy and I decide to do housework for her more frequently. And she will feel happy and bee better. Suddenly, an idea hit me that it’s terrible to grow old becuase you have to worry about both your health and others’ opinions. Once again, I make a decision to be a good girl.

英语作文50词 第6篇

I have a good friend. She is a beautiful girl. She has long black hair, two big black eyes and a red mouth. Her voice is better. She is good at singing.

She is a clever girl. She likes reading books, playing computer games and chess. She is also nice. She often helps us. Our classmates like her very much.

英语作文50词 第7篇

today is new years day, i, mother and grandmother go to the supermarket. go out have a look at the weather, just like put a lot of smoke, the foliage.

in the supermarket, mother first thing is to give my grandmother to buy clothes, buy out again to buy her, i think when i turn? are more than two hours, finally see the toys, i ran past picked out a box of kitchen utensils and appliances model, the grandmother bought me a box, we happily go back. at home, my grandmother give me cut a little stir, i put in a small pot, pour some water, put on my home appliance heaters, hot, put some sesame seeds, salt, for my mother to eat.



英语作文50词 第8篇


A flood disaster took place in some areas in China. It had been raining all those days and never stopped, which led to the flood.

The PLA men arrived immediately to rescue the villagers of the flooded areas. And they did their best to fight against the flood. They supplied the villagers with fresh vegetables and food. Some medical teams were organized to help them so that they could have healthy diet. Poisonous food and dead animals were not allowed to be eaten and the water must be cleared over and over again before being drunk. The doctors told them to pay special attention to their health. Some leaders of our country also inspected the areas.

Supplies and money from all parts of our country were sent to those areas to support them. After a long time, everything went on very well. And that was a sign of victory.




The Yangzte River is the longest river in China. And it’s important and helpful to us Chinese. But these days the Yangtze River is bringing us serious floods.

Many villages were destroyed by floods. The floods made hundreds of millions of people lose their homes, relatives and friends. Many children can’t go to school as usual .Now the foods have drawn the attention of the whole world. People from abroad have offered their help too. In China, millions of soldiers are busy fighting against the floods. They are working very hard. Many of them have lost their lives in their attempt to save the villagers.

Though we can’t help them to fight against floods, we should help them to rebuild their homeland. We can present them our pocketmoney and clothes. I believe most of the people will return to their homeland in the near future.




英语作文50词 第9篇

I amLester. I am a boy. I am from like Chinese and English very much.

I have a pet dog. It has two big eyes and a small mouth. Its tail is short. I often play with it. My father and mother like it too.

英语作文50词 第10篇

Most kids like animals。 Girls like cats, and boys like dogs。 However, my favorite animal is the horse。

The horses are strong, not like the tame cats or puppy dogs。 They look wild and hard to get close。 Yet, they will be very timid and friendly after they get to know you。 Horses remember the way home。 They are also faithful to their masters。 They even understand what you are trying to tell them。 I've heard many stories about how a horse saved his master's life。 That's also the reason why I love horses。 They never betray you。



英语作文50词 第11篇

I had a happy Dragon Boat the morning,I got up early. I made some zongzi with my mom and grandma. They were very the afternoon, I watched Dragon Boat Race on race was really exciting! In the evening, read a story about Qu had good a love the Dragon Boat Festival very much.

英语作文50词 第12篇

Today is a happy day, grandma allow me to go to the park to play, there can be fun, there are many large-scale amusement toys, is the children's favorite place. After lunch, rest for a moment, we will set out to the park.

英语作文50词 第13篇

Today I am very happy. In the moring , I go to park with my friend .In the afternoon, I visit my grandparents with my parents, we have fun talking with the evening, It's funny to watch today I do lots of things, I am very very happy!

英语作文50词 第14篇

Today I am very happy。 In the moring , I go to park with my friend 。In the afternoon, I visit my grandparents with my parents, we have fun talking with others。In the evening, Its funny to watch Tv。

Because today I do lots of things, I am very very happy!


英语作文50词 第15篇

I like sports and I like swimming very much.

I often play sports with my family. I often play badminton with my friends after school. I am good at playing badminton. It makes me feel very happy. I often talk about badminton and watch badminton watches on the Internet.

Ling Dan is my favourite badminton player. He is my hero.

英语作文50词 第16篇

my summer holiday began on plan to go to travel in my summer will travel to will go there by will travel with my mother and my father and other will travel for five also plan to do my homework in my summer think i will have a good time.

英语的作文50词 (菁选3篇)(扩展6)

——元旦英语作文50词:New Year’s Day (菁选5篇)

英语作文50词 第17篇

I have a brother. He is younger than me. When our parents have bought uspresents, I will be the first to take presents, or if there is something to eat,I will make the choice before my brother. My mother educates me that I shouldshare things with my brother. Until then I realize the meaning of sharing.

英语作文50词 第18篇

Summer vacation has been quietly coming to us, as the saying goes _in spring, a day_. Is to tell we made our plans as early as possible is the beginning of success. So I made the following summer vacation plan.

英语作文50词 第19篇

When I got home, I was very surprised to find my mother reading my diary。 I was too angry to say a word。

My eyes were swimming in tears。

As soon as my mother saw me, her face turned red and she said to me, “Sorry! My daughter! I…I only want to …” I didn’t want to hear her excuse。 I need to have my own secrets and my parents should respect that。

英语作文50词 第20篇

I went to my new house to my room. It is very big and beatiful. I will use a blue wardrobe and a blue bookcase. I saw a big bed and there was a blue sheet on it, I really liked them, because my favorite color is blue. But my desk was brown. In fact, I like brown, too. And there were many pet dogs and pet bears. They were cute, really eute. I loved them very much.

英语作文50词 第21篇

Definitely Yao Ming! He is so great a basketball player. I never miss a single game of him. I love him because he plays basketball so well and most important of all, he is a Chinese. I am proud of him.

英语作文50词 第22篇

I have a happy family: my father, my mother and me. My father is a doctor. He is is tall and strong. He is very active. My mother is a teacher. She is works in a school. She is kind. She likes reading magazine after dinner. I’m a student. I’m 13. I’m very active. I like reading books on the weekend. I love my family!

英语作文50词 第23篇

it’s the new years day today. i got up very early。 i heard the bird singing in the trees. after breakfast, my mum, my father and i went to the local park. everything was beautiful there,

we saw many boats in the lake. later on, we went to my grandfather’s home. there are many trees and some flowers.

at seven o’clock, we went home. it’s a happy day today.

英语作文50词 第24篇

We will part from each other when we graduate.

At that time everyone will go to our own ideal will cherish the time we have spent together for three will give our best wishes to everyone.

英语作文50词 第25篇

Hello! My name is Le Chengwei. I have two new teachers this term. They are a science teacher and a math teacher. I like the math teacher. She’s Miss Huang. She is tall and thin, she’s very strict, but she is kind. we all like her.

英语作文50词 第26篇

In August this year, I went to the English Camp for two weeks. It was held in Yantai, England, by the lighthouse in Shandong. There are more than 1100 English teaching experts from all over the country and 30 of them participating in this exciting camp school.

Although we are there, it requires us to speak only English teachers and with each other. Among them, there are interesting, helps us to strengthen our spoken English skills, for example, many activities, the second national high school students debate, the third National English speech contest for middle school students in english. We also visited a lot of interesting places. Learning English is exciting and the teachers are very friendly and helpful. This camp is a real life changing experience, and I'll never forget it.

英语作文50词 第27篇

Autumn comes , it gets cooler and cooler. The sky is blue and the clouds are white. You would say autumn is blue and white.

Look ! Birds are flying from the north to the south. The leaves are yellow. Some are hanging on the trees, some are on the ground ,some are dancing in the wind. Someone would say autumn is yellow.

There are so many fruits in autumn in Xinxing . Pears ,peaches. Mangos, oranges and so on. They’re fresh and healthy.

Oh! I see. Autumn is a harvest season. Autumn is colourful. What a beautiful season !

英语作文50词 第28篇

As is well known, books teach us to learn life, truth, science and many other useful things In other words, they are our good teachers and wise friends

Reading is a good thing, but we must pay GREat attention to the choice of books However, bad books will do us more harm than good.

英语作文50词 第29篇

Teacher Zhang said today is Thanksgiving. Lets go home to thank our families. Water and electricity are precious resources, we should save them and use them in recycle. Saving these precious resources makes a contribution to people.

英语作文50词 第30篇

my happy day is my birthday day, i′m happy. my birthday is the twenty-seven of september . my sister gave me a book , my brother gave me a beautiful toy , and my parents gave me a birthday cake .

the birthday i′m happy .

英语作文50词 第31篇

National Day is netting, and we can have a seven-day. My family is going to Hainan. It’s a good seaside city. We are staying there for a week. We are going to the beach and going swimming in the sea. We’re visiting Tianya Haijiao, Wanquan River and many other beautiful places. I think well have a good time there.

英语作文50词 第32篇

I have a very happy are four people in my family--my parents ,my younger brother and fathther is working in another city,so he is always very a famous saying goes :_ There is always an able woman behind a successful man ._,my mother is a can cook very dilicious food and she is often busy with some and I help her tidy the house,but of course,we couldn't tidy as clean as her.

英语作文50词 第33篇

Every time I come home from school, I see several children sitting beside the road and begging How coldhearted they are! Every time I will think so Its the age for school It seems that no one cares for them If their parents are really too poor to send them to school, then I hope the whole society will help

英语作文50词 第34篇

Today is New Years day, or have a history of New Years day! _Yuan_ has the meaning of beginning, _Dan_ refers to the dawn of time, also refers to the day. _New Years day_ is the first day of the year. To celebrate the start of the New Year, celebrate the New Years day is around the world the common customs. In our country, but also on the national holiday, people greet each other can together! Held some activities to greet the arrival of the New Year.

英语的作文50词 (菁选3篇)(扩展7)


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