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导读 事实上,学习英语的困难往往是我们自己造成的。如何克服对困难的恐惧,取得好的效果?学习方法很重要。我必须努力工作来得到我想要的。所以这种经历非常有意义,我知道劳动的价值。My name is xxx .I‘m 14 years old . I'm a girl. I have long/ short

自己的决定英语作文初一 第1篇

My name is Wang birthday is June 5th. I am Chinese. I am a study very favorite subject is English. I like it because it is interesting. I can play the piano and the trumpet, but not very well. I love swimming and I am good at all kinds of movies, I like comedies best. I think they're interesting. I’m one of the best students in my class. My teachers all say I am a good all like me and I like them, too.


自己的决定英语作文初一 第2篇

My name is Xu Fangyan. You can call me Betty. I‘m a girl. I‘m 13. I‘m 154 centermeters ‘m in Xinqi Primary ‘m in Class 1, Grade classmates are very nice to me.

We often help each other,and learn from each other. I have many as drawing,writing, singing .... I like playing badminton ‘s good for my are 3 people in my family. They‘re my father,mother and love each phone number is 86889886. You can call me if you like .

自己的决定英语作文初一 第3篇

That day, my mother and I came back from outside, they walked to the door of the unit, a strange little girl jumped to my in front, I paused, haven't had time to look at her, she will have a torrent said to me: my name is Xie Xinyu, I seven years old this year, my family is going to move to here, we play together? Her voice is very high, particularly daring, or the first time I met such a child. I haven't answer do you want to play with her, she had to pull up my hand to play up.

She has a pair of big eyes, round face, body is extremely thin, thin arms and legs like a bamboo pole, she proudly said, she was so good dance Latin dance. She has been in the second grade, was lower than me, and she especially love to talk, buzzing like a sparrow, she is really a interesting girl. Her mom and dad are busy move, so she always since know me in my house to play, we became good friends at one fell swoop.

This is my new friend Xie Xinyu, a lively, bright, bold said, love, love to laugh little girl.

自己的决定英语作文初一 第4篇











单项选择、完形填空等题型一般都是老师在课堂上告诉我们的结构和知识点。{例如, } }。这些才是最重要的。我们应该注意老师在课堂上说过甚至提到过的句子结构。只有注重积累,才能学以致用。









自己的决定英语作文初一 第5篇

Myself, Tian JiaxuI was told by my mother, “the round face, the arched eyebrows, the big eyes, the high bridge of the nose, and a small mouth.”“. Because she said that every time, so I thought I was like this, wash my face in the morning, I observed myself, and my mother said is not the same. My face is not very round, a bit like eggs oval, eyebrows are not curved, ah, is a mess, and some upturned, and some bent down. The eye is still big, but the bridge of the nose is not at all. Anyway, I haven't seen it for a long time, and my mouth is big. I can plug in an orange. I asked my mother, ”Mom, are you saying that the children's song is talking about me?“” My mother said, “what I said was the pretty child I imagined.”.“

Until now, I realized that my mother didn't say ”I“, and it made me feel complacent for so long.


自己的决定英语作文初一 第6篇

Hello ,everybody .

My name is xxx .I‘m 14 years old . I'm a girl. I have long/ short hair and big/small eyes.

I used to study in XX Primary School. Now I am studying in ~~ Middle School. I did a class in the primary school . I'm crazy about English. Now English teacher surnamed ~~ . And I hope we will get along.

自己的决定英语作文初一 第7篇

I this year 11 years old, is an ordinary girl, frame, the skin is a little white, because the hair, the hair is a little short, but also can. Books are my best partner: there are books, there is my (a bit exaggerated, ha ha). Reading, my face for a moment “clouds”, “four spring-like” after a while, it seems that I am completely intoxicated in the sea, so that my eyes some myopia!

I like playing computer, like to chat with my classmates, playing games, sometimes the mood is not happy, play computer for a while, the mood can be happy. I only see my sister today (not close sister, her name is Xie Anran) is published in the booming network, and made a lot of friends, she is very happy, land net of xiao-he composition every day, she said it was fun, he told me to look into xiao-he composition nets also, she gave me the website, I will come in!

I am junior, hope more than some directions from you, thank you!




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